Businesses have long been disconnected from the racial constructs of enterprise that they continue to position themselves in a way where everyone loses and when the loss is a life, upward mobility, peace, or liberty, reactionary allyship is merely performative and no trust can regained. Arkansas Businesses for Anti-racism(BAR) felt it was passed time for the business community to take ownership of a broken system meant to only benefit some, and accountability to do the work to create better business practices and community relationships.  

We partner with community-minded individuals, businesses, and organizations that believe the success for one is success for us all. LEI Venture Company seeks to leverage community partnerships to address management, marketing, and administrative deficits for the purpose of growing and stabilizing the economic influence of nonprofit and for-profit businesses.

8-week cohort for professional womxn looking for extreme accountability to get their "shift" together and tackle previously abandoned, deprioritized business goals and career aspirations. Putting off yet another dream stops here.

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